Battle of the Sloppers...

At 71dine, we are well aware of the ongoing "Battle of the Sloppers" in Pueblo, Colorado. Instead of declaring a definitive winner, we believe in presenting you with the arguments and perspectives from Puebloans themselves. We want to showcase why each person believes their favorite Slopper is the best.

We recognize that each Slopper is unique and holds a special place in the hearts of its devoted fans. We understand that taste is subjective, and what matters most is your own personal preference. Therefore, we leave the decision of the "best" Slopper, to you!

By visiting these outstanding restaurants and trying their Sloppers, you actively support our mission. Letting these establishments know that you discovered them through 71dine is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and support for the local culinary scene.

And yes, it's true—there really is a Joe behind 71dine. His passion for Southern Colorado, its history, culture, and food, is what drives our commitment to sharing the stories and experiences that make this region so special.

We invite you to embark on your own culinary journey, explore the remarkable Sloppers of Pueblo, and form your own opinion. Taste, savor, and enjoy the flavors that make this battle so exciting.

But be careful! Sloppers have a tendency to SPICY HOT!